"The Insiders'成为游艇空姐的指南"现在订阅


A sample “Confession” from 内幕人士’Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich and Famous… Julie and her fellow stews went“overboard”to make sure the billionaire guests on a 巨型游艇 chartered for the Monaco Grand Prix had all their requests met—even when the stews were caught off […]

Stew Confession: I was overwhelmingly star-struck by a yacht guest once (and only once)

This yacht stewardess“confession”is an excerpt from 内幕人士Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess. I’m posting it in honor of the fact that I re-met this individual when I was in the British Virgin Islands last month. Upon introducing myself this time, I did not mention that we met 14 years ago when […]

朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry)和美国超级游艇协会的营销网络研讨会

U.S. Superyacht Association Marketing Webinar: Aligning Your Social Media Strategies with Your Other Marketing Channels Author of 内幕人士’Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess and digital 行销 consultant, 朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry), recently presented a free 1-hour 行销 webinar in conjunction with the U.S. Superyacht Association. This webinar is intended for 超级游艇 industry representatives, USSA members […]

Yacht Industry Insiders Give Expert Advice in“The Insiders’Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess”

From the moment the 1st edition of 内幕人士’Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess was released back in 2006, I began receiving this question, most often from fellow writers:“So why is it Insiders’ with an s’(as in a group of insiders), and not Insider’s with an ‘s (as in, making the reader […]

朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry)在超级游艇峰会上谈论社交媒体营销

The U.S. Superyacht Association’s first annual Superyacht Summit is upon us! Happening March 18th&19th in West Palm Beach, Florida, this two-day 事件 will offer education, networking, and action for 超级游艇 industry professionals worldwide—all of it leading up to the kickoff of the 29th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show on March […]

朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry) Speaks on Reality TV Marketing Opportunities at Marine Marketers of America&Boat Writers International Event– FLIBS

UPDATE–This presentation took place on October 31, 2013. You can check it out here (Julie is introduced at around 3:30): Contents of Video: 0– 4:00 Minutes –Introduction by MMA Board Member, Michael Sciulla Adrienne Gang of 喝彩 TV’s “Below Deck”is introduced at 3:00 朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry) is introduced at 3:35 Julie’s […]


It’s that time of year! Time to think about what visually stimulating, show-off-what-you’re-passionate about 日历 theme you will invest in to adorn that otherwise bare wall in your living or working space for exactly 364 days in 2014. Might I make a suggestion: The Megayacht News“Spectacular Superyachts”annual wall 日历 is compiled and sold […]

喝彩’在PBS上的DECK DECK vs DOWNTON ABBEY–角色如何匹配(或不匹配)’t)

When 喝彩 TV first announced its impending reality show, 甲板下, about the upstairs-downstairs world of life aboard 超级游艇s, 喝彩 executive Andy Cohen declared it was the network’s own version of PBS MASTERPIECE’s 唐顿修道院. In fact, in an interview he did with The New York Times, Cohen even went so far as to say that […]

十月份绿色游艇船员的A-Z指南’s Dockwalk

Extra Extra, read all about it: The October 2013 issue of yacht-crew magazine Dockwalk is available online! Along with the always-fun-to-peruse, full-colored pictures of yacht crew both at work and at play, this month’s issue includes an “A-Z Guide for Green Crew”geared toward newbies in the industry (p 37). Green yacht crew, take note! […]

Adrienne Gang of BELOW DECK and yacht stewardess book author 朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry) TV interview with Anne Marie Tiernon

甲板下’s Adrienne Gang joined author 朱莉·佩里(Julie Perry) in Indianapolis recently for 内幕人士’Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess press tour. Here is their interview with WTHR’s Anne Marie Tiernon about Julie’s book and its connection to Adrienne and her BRAVO show,“Below Deck.”Transcript from the Interview August 19, 2013, WTHR Channel 13 […]