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Crew Resources

Interested in how to get started in the yachting industry? The links below will help you navigate to lists of 万博 resources that you will find handy when beginning a yacht 万博 job search:

  • Essential Training for Entry-Level Crew: Learning the Ropes—Training is essential. Training to get on a boat, and more than anything, to stay on it. I provide a list of both STCW BST certification schools and Interior-Crew training courses. (More being added all the time.)
  • Crew House Options: Picking Up Anchor—A list of 万博 house options in the key hiring ports around the world.
  • Crew Placement Agencies: Let the job hunt begin—One of the best ways to break into the yachting industry is through the 万博 placement or recruitment agencies (referred to by most as simply “万博 agencies”).
  • Note: If you’ve received your book by now, we will be adding the promised information on 万博 health insurance, tax specialists for yacht 万博, and 万博 networking spots in popular ports around the world soon. Check back in September for all of that information! And thanks for your patience.
Ring for yacht 万博 to come aboard

Photo Source: Suki Finnerty of YachtingToday.TV

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